Monday 12 September 2022

Spare Any Change?

It's a tough world out there right now. Rising prices across the board - energy, fuel, food - it's all adding up to more than we'd like. Absolutely every penny is important.

I see a lot of posts from authors asking people to support them by buying a book - it's the same as a cup of coffee they say, surely you can afford a cup of coffee? The thing is a cup of coffee is more or less a fiver these days and my coffee buying days are very quickly receeding behind me. If I can't afford to buy a cup of coffee, how can I expect others to buy mine? A book, not a coffee. This metaphor is getting confusing but hopefully, you're still with me. 

Spare any change is also sadly a common call out on the streets. I recently had a lady crying to me asking for a quid. Now I was on my way home with the children, it was getting late and I didn't have any cash on me at all, otherwise I would've probably helped. 

The fact that I said probably makes me squirm inside but the sad fact is that asking for change isn't always what you think it is. My hubby, who works in law enforcement, tells me tales of people begging who don't need to beg and the scams they pull. It makes for a very untrustworthy world. 

Can I believe that they really are asking for spare change because they're trying to get home - or get a room for the night - or is it just for alcohol and drugs? 

I feel bad for not helping. But I think the best way that I can help is to support the homeless charities in my town. After all, they are - hopefully - the experts and know how to get the right kind of help to those truly asking. 

It's a very give and take world out there. As an author, I am asking you to give. To give your time and your money, your effort and your thoughts to a piece of work that, to be fair, I did labour upon. My only promise to you is that I tried my best to create a book worthy of you and when I join the bandwagon asking you to spare the cost of a cup of coffee, I really hope you will trust me. 

Your coffee money will go to good use, I promise. More words written, more books created and possibly a small cake here and there. 

PS... all my books are on Amazon ;)

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