Monday 29 September 2014

So it begins

I had 'the' dress experience yesterday.  With no particular plans in mind the intrepid wedding party hit Oxford Street only to be met initially with closed shops.  Apparently Sunday trading doesn't begin until midday these days.  I remember when there was no Sunday trading but that is a whole other blog.  So we took in a beverage and made a plan.  First shop had no wedding section.  Second shop had no wedding section.  When questioned staff informed us that the wedding season was over and everything had been removed, is only available online and will return in January.  So that was helpful.

Bridezilla reared up and declared that if the next shop had no wedding dresses then we were all going home and never coming back.  Ever!!  And then we saw the sign 'occasion wear' and the hope kindled.  And then.  And then.  White and cream and ivory gowns.  The sunlight gleamed in through the window, sparkling off sequins and gems, creating etheral beauty everywhere you looked.  The girls peeled off while I drank in one dress in particular thinking I never could.  Then it was come and see this - what about this - do you like this - how about this.  As I flitted we collected gowns including 'that' one and made our way to the changing room.

Dress one was too small.  But that's ok, there's always one that is too small right?  Dress two was too clingy and if I didn't have excited girlies sitting outside I wouldn't have ventured but I had promised to show so out I trotted with 'I don't like it' firmly planted on my lips.  Dress three was that dress.  The secretly desired one, the one that I had been thinking about in my head but wasn't sure would be for me.  With a negative head shake and a gritted acceptance that it wasn't going to fit, I tried on the gown.  I have to be careful, I don't want to give too much away but oh, that dress.   And so I went to show, nervously standing because this is the one I like so please like it as much as me.  Please oh please.  And they did, and not just that you're my friend so I won't hurt your feelings yes I like it like it.  The old man waiting for his wife liked it too.  Dress four was never going to be anything but you have to complete the trying on rigmarole just in case.  And so we tried and paraded and agreed that it was not the right one.  It even felt wrong putting it on.

How do you know that you've found the right dress?  You wait 20 minutes or so and then go back and try it on again with your bridesmaid in their dress and you get a photo taken.  Then you look at the photo.  Then you cry.  

And so to the point.  It's really real.  Let's make it the most perfect outfit ever.  Whilst sitting eating ice cream and watching biggest loser (I know, I know) here are my decisions.  My 10k training plan finishes soon - I'm going to move on to the half marathon training plan.  I'm going to start attending GoodGym runs when and where possible.  I'm going to add in some additional training - a little Tae-Bo, some yoga, T25, Jillian & Bob and some swimming.  Keep mixing it up.  If I haven't made it, then I don't get to eat it.  Sounds a little simplistic but hear me out - it removes chocolate, crisps, take aways etc but it also means that any yumminess I do want has to be home made which cuts out the chemical bad guys and makes it so worth it.  On the rare occasion I do eat out it has to be as whole food as possible.  I was doing really well but I lost my focus and gained 6 pounds.  Now I have physically touched the reason for needing the focus.  So let's do this.