Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Don't burn the garlic!

I'm getting back into life - slowly but surely the fog is lifting.  I'm feeling human, I'm feeling happy, I'm feeling alive and connected and awake.  The past few weeks have almost been hell on dietary earth but a tough lesson has been learnt - you just can't do it.  My tract says no and thats that - if I didn't make it then I can't eat it.

At first the thought is wah!  I wants it!  It's not fair!  But then the slow realisation dawns and the thick head finally gets it - feeling ill all the time is so yesterday.  Plus all these foody chemicals make me so aggressive - I'm really quite zen once you get to know me.

So it's back to basics, back to making from scratch which I love and reading cookery books which I love and salivating over the Good Food cooking channel when no-one is watching.  The colours and the variety of tastes and the taste is literally quite wonderful.  I am currently sitting in a little heaven having just enjoyed a new potato, chorizo and green bean 'salad'.  It's ok because it doesn't actually have any salad ingredients (according to the lore of grasshopper) and it was so yummy that I actually think I could smile right through the afternoon.  I certainly couldn't have gone out and bought this especially as anything that come midly close to it would be swimming in (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew) mayo or some such similar nasty.

One cookery lesson learnt last night however was - don't burn the garlic.  It goes very nasty.  Very.  Especially when you are settled down to watch the Great British Bake Off and are engrossed in the masterful (sometimes) culinary skills being demonstrated and not really focusing on what is going into your mouth!  Pause it, pause it, pause it!!  Burnt garlic!!  Gah!  It's not good! 

I'm excited at the prospect of what I can rustle up next and look forward to titlating the tastebuds further.  Promise to keep you posted  :)