Friday 23 August 2013

Hardest Job in the World

My hat - if I was wearing one - goes off to every Mum that ever there was.  The good ones, bad ones and even the indifferent ones.  It is .... beyond words.  It's the hardest, most difficult, most rewarding, most upsetting, most worrying, most wonderful, most amazing job you can ever have.  It absorbs you entirely and takes over every fibre of your being.  Initially any sense of your own individuality is squashed by the mere fact that your baby needs every ounce of you right now!

No-one tells you how hard 'it' is.  There's masses of books on pregnancy and labour and tons of information on how your baby will grow but there isn't much on how rubbishly brilliant it is going to make you feel and how the devil you are going to deal with it.  Tears have possibly become my new best friend and I can't do it my latest mantra followed in the next breath by my other bestie the mega-smile and the catchphrase OMG I'm a Mummy!

Blog has been lacking these past 6 months, unsure as to why writers block should rear its head so massively at a time when so much was happening and changing that there should have been multitudes of paragraphs skipping off my fingers.  Such is life.  The plan, as ever, is to kick start the words and maybe that will offer some comfort in the wee small hours of the morning when my tired brain is trying to figure out how long he's slept, how long I've slept, when the next bottle is due and by the way is it still 2013?