Tuesday 7 May 2024

Been A While...

Feels like I'm literally dusting off the keyboard as I write this. Will anyone ever see it? Who knows - it's been a while. 

Writing a blog post every week seems like such a small task to achieve, especially for someone who calls themselves a writer, but when the creative well dries up and the imposter syndrome puts down strong roots, it's hard to get going again. 

And life just keeps going, doesn't it? It doesn't care that you don't have your ducks in a row right now or you didn't get much sleep last night or you haven't had enough time to even figure out what you're meant to be writing let alone sit down at right it. It just keeps turning and now it's May. May! How is it May already?

Whilst the writing may have shuddered to a slow crawl, things have been lightly simmering on slow. The thing about ideas is they don't stop, so there's a bit of a stockpile and having some wonderful patrons on Patreon has forced me to write something every month. I'll let them decide whether any of it has been any good (while I hide in the corner!)

But I'm taking the plunge. The book I worked on last year is on the precipice of release. I've taken my time with this one. There haven't any more or less issues with the manuscript than any other book I've written, but for some reason, I have been slow to fling it out there into the world. 

The official cover reveal is set for this week. The pre-order will be going up. Banners will change. My website will be updated - gasp! This isn't even my first book, but it feels strange and scary after such a long break to be doing all this again. Will anyone even want to read it? I do hope so. 

I write because I love writing. I love being caught up in the flashes of insane brilliance that you read back and think - wow, did I write that? I love my characters surprising me at every turn with what they end up doing. And I think, I hope, I have a small merry band of readers who enjoy each Roshaven book and the adventures that Ned and Jenni end up having. Fingers crossed they will enjoy this next instalment.