Monday 5 September 2022

How's the writing going?

"How's the writing going?" I have been asked this question a lot lately and my response has been pure teenager. In short, a shrug. 

Because it hasn't been going. Not for a long time. And I can't really put my finger on the why but I do feel ashamed everytime I get asked the question. I am a writer who hasn't been writing much this year and if I'm not writing then how am I a writer? And how can I answer that question with "It's not" and look them in the eye without feeling embarrassed?

For me, writing in the pandemic wasn't a problem - even with homeschool and the headache that was. It was the afterwards, the 'new normal', the bit where we all went back to how things were - more or less - and that's when the bottom fell out of my writing world.

It's quite normal for me, and a lot of other writers I'm sure, to doubt the validity of my writing. This usually happens two thirds of the way through my book, around a month or two before I decide the book is ready to be read by others. I moaned to my hubby last night about my current book and he made this observation which, whilst amusing, it's factually incorrect this time. I am definitely not two-thirds of the way through. In some ways, I feel like I haven't even started writing it. 

Today my kids go back to school. It is the start of their new year and hence the start of mine. At least that's what I have decided. I bought a desk - very exciting. I factory reset an old laptop - very scary (not sure why lol) so that I can work on two screens. Oh yes, I'm a two screen writer now. And as it's the beginning of the month, I can start with scheduling my social media for the month. 

This is something I've more or less stayed on top of. I share motivational quotes and giveaways as well as promo images of various books. I look at this as more of a "Hey, still here!" gesture rather than active marketing. It's been good because it's kept my social media presence alive, but it's also been a bit of a crutch, as I'm not being as active or engaged as I should be. 

Here I am, at my desk, Monday to Friday, 9-2. At least that's the plan. Baring disasters. Haha. 

Let's get this writing going! And then maybe I'll have something to say about it. 

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