Monday 7 February 2022

Do You Need To Be Organised?

It has occurred to me that I always seem to be striving for being organised and yet never quite get there. This brings me to my question - do you need to be organised?

If you manage to always hit those deadlines regardless because somehow that last-minute bit of attention is always enough then do you actually need to get all your ducks in a row beforehand?

Perhaps the stress of trying to be organised all the time isn't worth the energy.

I mean sure, a calendar is a useful thing. You can put appointments in one place and hopefully never forget a meeting. And add in all the school dates. Plus birthdays. How can it not go wrong?

There are fundamentals to running a household that have to be met. Washing, ironing, cleaning and such like, food shopping, essential DIY blah, blah, blah. At least I don't have a garden to worry about.

But I mean, once you've got all those things in hand, is there really any need for further organisation? Well, I expect the answer is probably yes, however, I fear I will never get there as I continue to lurch from one deadline to another fuelled by blind panic that I'm getting further and further behind.

I remember a conversation I had with my other half about my writing deadlines. I'm an indie author so I don't have anyone asking for my manuscript by a certain date but I find that without deadlines things drift and I don't get the writing done. He thinks it's hilarious that I put so much pressure on myself.  

Do you need to be organised to meet deadlines?

Maybe it's a case of certain personalities that work better under organisational regulations whilst others get disillusioned fast when creativity is stymied. 

Or maybe I am just a ditherer, always trying to be organised and always managing to procrastinate the actual act of organisation. As we fly through 2022 (can't believe it's February already) I'm beginning to think that I should give in to my desire to be unorganised and save myself some stress. 

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