Wednesday 23 February 2022

A Slice of Cake With... Elaine Everest

Today I am delighted to have a slice of cake with author Elaine Everest.

Elaine is the author of bestselling novels The Woolworths Girls, The Butlins Girls, Christmas at Woolworths and The Teashop Girls. She was born and raised in North-West Kent, where many of her bestselling historical sagas are set.

She grew up listening to tales of the war years in her hometown of Erith, which has inspired her own stories.

Elaine has been a freelance writer for 25 years and has written over 100 short stories and serials for the women’s magazine market. She is also the author of a number of popular non-fiction books for dog owners. When she isn’t writing, Elaine runs The Write Place creative writing school in Hextable, Kent. She now lives in Swanley with her husband, Michael and their Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Henry.

What kind of books do you write?

My books are set mainly during WW2 and are about women, friendship, and how they cope on the Home Front. Occasionally I drift further back to the early 1900s and my next book, The Woolworths Saturday Girls starts in 1950. My memorable settings have been Woolworths, Butlins and Lyon’s Teashops. 

Can you describe your writing why?

I’ve been a freelance writer since 1997 so in a way I write because it is my living – it is not a hobby. Saying that I did start in short fiction, articles and non-fiction books and later moved to novels, which is my main occupation these days. Would I ever stop writing? Catch me on a grumpy day and I’ll say yes I’d retire tomorrow as I’d like to enjoy my life without thinking of deadlines, social media, editing, and chart numbers. However, I’d miss the storytelling, the research and meeting people who tell me about their lives and how they relate to my books.

Share with us your favourite passage from the book you enjoyed writing the most

I loved writing these simple words from A Mother Forever as I feel it sums up perfect love.

‘I won’t let you go,’ he promised as he searched her face before gently kissing her lips. ‘I’ll never let you go.’

Tell us about your latest project

My latest book, The Patchwork Girls, is set in Biggin Hill amongst women who sew and ‘make do and mend’. Helen has returned home after the sudden death of MP husband and has to start her life over again. She is living with her mother and stepfather and has no idea what she will do with herself until she joins a sewing circle. I also manage to add a dog kennels and the dogs abandoned during WW2, which was a major problem. 

What is your favourite cake?

I love coffee and walnut although chocolate cake runs a close second. A popular way to celebrate book launches is to have afternoon tea (with lots of cake) and my friends.  

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Join me next week when I will be having a slice of cake with Marjorie Mallon. 

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  1. I loved the one of the Woolworth girls I read, great read, Elaine. Also completely agree with your choice of cakes, although mine would have to be gluten free. Thanks for featuring Elaine Everest, Claire.

    1. Wonderful! We can definitely make sure you get a gluten free version ;)