Monday 12 July 2021

Fits and Starts

Writing is not a very smooth process. At least it's not for me.

Sometimes the inspiration rains down in buckets and with fingers dancing across the keys, writing feels like the most amazing thing in the world and I get a huge high from getting another page, two pages, a chapter or even five chapters finished.

When reading it back it's good. Hell, it's funny and at times I sit incredulously. Did I really write that?

Then, of course, we have the downhill runaway train of the roller coaster. When the inspiration has petered out and you try to write because you have deadlines or guilt or an unfinished manuscript. And whilst the downhill runaway train of a regular roller coaster soon speeds around the corner, does a loop the loop and other fancy track work, the writer train car often continues to descend, rattling off the rails. 

I've been reading a lot about other authors saying that writers' block doesn't exist and it's all just procrastination by the author. But... I'm not so sure. Today I managed to write 222 words whereas last Friday I wrote over 1200. I spent roughly the same amount of time in front of my laptop for both writing sessions, in the same room, at more or less the same time of day. I had my coffee, my music and almost a plot outline haha but you can see the word count varies massively.

I need to finish writing The Bone Thief by the end of July so that I can work on second draft editing and a great deal of knocking it into shape through August before my Beta readers get hands-on in September. No getting off this rollercoaster! 

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