Tuesday 10 November 2020

Tuesday Poem - Hibernating Hedgehogs

The hedgehogs are fading
Leaving the British countryside
They are receding into memory and myth
Leave a saucer of milk out for the hedgehog
They say
But milk will make them poorly
They’re better off with worms
And slugs and snails
Make your garden hodgeheg friendly
A woodpile for the hibernate
Be wary disturbing compost and leaves
For hedgehogs like to nestle deep within
They sleep through winter
All curled up in their little spiny balls
But they’ll eat the vermin from your garden
Spring through Autumn

Claire Buss is a multi-genre author and poet, completely addicted to cake. Find out more about her books on her website clairebuss.co.uk. Join the discussion in her Facebook group Buss's Book Stop.

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