Friday 17 August 2018

Flash Fiction - Kitchens

Tess staggered to the kitchen counter and held on for dear life, her throat beginning to constrict making it difficult to breathe. With blurry eyes, she tried to look for something obvious she could use but it was hopeless, she couldn't make out anything. Shaking her head in an effort to clear her vision unleashed a banging headache that made her gasp. She couldn't fail now. Not here. Not in the kitchen.

She needed something to make herself sick. That would empty the contents of her stomach and should slow the effect. Think! she screamed to herself and then she had an idea. Stumbling to the sink Tess scrabbled for a mug or a glass or something she could drink water out of. There, a plastic beaker. That would do. As she fumbled for the tap, a sudden thought occurred to her. He wouldn't. Lifting the beaker to her nose she caught a sweet aroma. Dammit. It was laced with hydrogen cyanide. She let the beaker drop to the floor and began frantically feeling around the kitchen, opening cupboard doors, seeing double and feeling like she was burning up.

The third cupboard she tried was full of condiments. Grabbing the salt cellar, Tess moved back to the sink, bumping her hip against a cupboard door handle painfully as she misjudged the angle. Trying to hurry, she turned the tap on too fast and the water gushed out splashing her top. Ignoring the wet fabric she tipped the salt cellar into her mouth and then cupped her hands under the water, trying to scoop a drink. The gritty, salty water hit the back of her mouth, making her gag loudly but years of trying not to barf were working against her and all she did was retch. 

In desperation, Tess shoved two fingers down the back of her throat. Finally, that action tipped her body's reflex into action and she threw up noisily in the sink. She rested for a moment before giving in to her shaky legs and sinking to the floor. The room was pulsating and she felt incredibly light headed so she closed her eyes. Trying to take deep breaths she made herself focus on relaxing. Breathing in and out slowly, Tess managed to slow her heart rate and take stock of her symptoms. She still felt sick but the headache was receding and it was getting easier to breathe. Opening her eyes cautiously she noticed the double vision was improving. She'd done it. 

'Congratulations, Miss Winters. You've passed the practical but next time don't waste time with saltwater. Remember - you are everything you need.' Professor Guterriez smiled down at Tess encouragingly before walking to the next poisoning assessment in the adjoining testing kitchen. 

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