Wednesday 29 August 2018

A Slice of Cake With... Moss Whelan

This week I am delighted to be having a slice of cake with fellow indie author and cake enthusiast, Moss Whelan.

Moss Whelan (1968), born in Vancouver, British Columbia, is the Canadian author of Gray Hawk of Terrapin published on January the 12th, 2018. He is an English Literature Bachelor of Arts, a Creative Writing Associate, and possesses a Diploma in Writing for Film, Television, and Interactive Media. He is active in the online Fantasy community and teaches Creative Writing. His work depicts a return to transcendent self-esteem in contrast with worldviews that shape perceived reality. He received the President's Award at Douglas College and the M. Sheila O'Connel Undergraduate Prize in Children's Literature at Simon Fraser University. A survivor of PTSD, he hopes to be a voice for continued access to mental health.

What kind of books do you write?

My books seem to be about hidden places and hidden people—a Xanadu of the imagination. There’s a street that most people don’t visit. The people who live or work in that place can do things that are amazing. They know where to find the psychological centre of the world, the Axis Mundi, and they take the protagonist to that place. 

Can you describe your writing why?

William Blake’s phrase, “Mind-forged manacles,” is my mantra. I keep seeing narratives in advertising, film, and music that say, “I don’t have this, so life is horrible,” and I keep thinking, “That’s self-hatred.” Why do we promote codependence instead of independence? Why do we promote this psychological poverty? Aren’t we free? Or are our minds bought and sold? Rise up! Revolt! Re-something-or-other!

Share with us your favourite passage from the book you enjoyed writing the most.

My fab part of Gray Hawk of Terrapin is:

“Hwaet! Wound of the World! I have returned! From deep dreams and stories old! Rainbow’s End is here. The Fall of Uriar—now. I am Gray Hawk! Your doom! I have returned.”

Tell us about your latest project

My sequel to Gray Hawk of Terrapin is marinading as I get feedback / beta-reading. Writing-wise, I’ve got three projects in various stages. First, a Sword & Sorcery novel for pleasure called Corvus Homunculus. Second, a SciFi novel as a public service announcement with transhumans, robots, and mass extinction called Panthalassa’s Embrace. Third, an MG novel called The Griffin Who Lived Upstairs that is loosely connected to the world of Terrapin.

What is your favourite cake?

One slice of Black Forest, please. I like the contrast between the rich chocolate and cream. I’m undecided about the glow-in-the-dark maraschino cherries; I’m pretty sure there’s something fake/factory/chemical/preservative going on there. The chocolate cake side of the equation has to be dense and diet-destroying, heavy cake—not fluff. It’s got to make me say, “I promise I won’t look at another cake after you,” kind of cake. Real dark chocolate flakes on top, not fake sprinkles. Real whipping cream, not oil-based-product shot out of an aerosol can. And, less sugar would be nice so my fillings don’t scream like Robert Plant. 

Here you go Moss, a slice of Black Forest with chocolate dipped real cherries and proper cream. Should be fairly diet-destroying. If readers are interested in making this cake, here's the link - Black Forest Cake.

You can keep in touch with Moss on Twitter @Moss_Whelan.

Join me next week when I will be having a slice of cake with indie author Moss Whelan, grilling them gently about their writing life and of course sharing their favourite cake.

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