Wednesday 22 February 2023

A Slice of Cake With... Isobel Wycherley

Today I am delighted to have a slice of cake with author Isobel Wycherley.

Isobel studied linguistics at Manchester Metropolitan University and is interested in pursuing forensic linguistics and has an interest in acquisition.

She loves music, it’s always been a big part of her life, as well as helping her to establish a positive attitude towards anything. Films are another love of hers, which she tries to reflect in her writing style, since she generally pictures her stories as films playing out in her head, which helps her to imagine what she would want to see happen next, if it really were a film.

Isobel is very inquisitive and wants to know everything about everything. She loves learning and experiencing new things and can’t wait to see where that takes her, especially in her new writing career.

What kind of books do you write?

The books I like to write are what I find interesting and what my imagination likes to run with. I take inspiration from everyday life and people but with an exaggerated twist. I like anything that can bring distinct emotion- so as well as having creepy or sad elements, I also like to include some comic relief to make reading my books an emotional journey that the reader can feel involved in.

Can you describe your writing why?

I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing from an early age- I enjoy the escapism and imagination of it and it’s always great hearing that other people enjoyed reading my work just as much. Because of the way I write (pretty much off the top of my head) when details come together in different sections of the book it’s a feeling like no other! I feel a big sense of achievement when a book is complete and I love that.

Share with us your favourite passage from the book you enjoyed writing the most

Al enters the garden from the opposite side of the house and, immediately after turning the corner, she witnesses Dobromil’s head explode and scatter around the garden. She quickly tucks herself back behind the wall.
“Sonny, what’s going on?” she whispers into the microphone, sending signals to Sonny’s earpiece.
“What? I’m still gettin’ set up. Can’t think of a password.”
“Try ‘Dobromil’s fuckin’ ‘ed just exploded one-two-three’!” she whisper-shouts, hearing the back door open.
“Nah… too many letters,” Sonny drawls.

Tell us about your latest project

My latest release was Dons Vendetta, the final book in the Dons of Warrington trilogy. It ties together the five-book series (Gone Too Far West, Len World and the Dons of Warrington trilogy) and brings it to a complete end. I’m now working on the first book of a new series, I don’t have a title yet, but the vision is clear and will hopefully be even better than the last series.

What is your favourite cake?

Anything with lots of chocolate!

You can connect with Isobel on Instagram: @gone_too_far_west

Join me next week when I will be having a slice of cake with Julie Thorpe. 

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