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A Slice of Cake With... Melinda Kucsera

Today I am delighted to have a slice of cake with author Melinda Kucsera.

Melinda writes fantastic short stories, novels, and books when not being kidnapped by dragons or chased by armies of fictional creatures. 

What kind of books do you write?

I write about reluctant heroes, unique magical systems, enchanted trees, found families, and immersive worlds filled w/intrigue, ancient evil, and forbidden magic.

Can you describe your writing why?

I write because my characters will not let me do anything else. They’ve taken over my newsletter, and they complain to readers when I don’t write about  them. I publish my books because I promised my sister before she passed away that I would, and my characters make sure I keep that vow 4-6x per year. (They’d love it if I could write more books per year. I told them to learn how to market and sell their books, so I don’t need to work full-time to subsidise the costs, but they have yet to do that.)

Share with us your favourite passage from the book you enjoyed writing the most

From Curse Breaker Revealed 

The outer door opened before Sarn could pull up his head map, and Ranispara strode in.
“Sorry I’m late. I came as soon as I could. Your note didn’t say what the problem was, just that it was urgent. So you’d better start talking. I need to get back out there. Inari? Where are you?” Ranispara stepped into the foyer. “Oh hello, Sarn. How are you? I’m glad you’re better, and who is this?” Ranispara crouched when Ran rushed over to say hello.
Sarn had told his son probably a thousand times not to talk to strangers, but the boy never listened to him. He watched the tragedy play out in slow motion, but there wasn’t anything he could do to stop it. Ran past by just out of reach. Maybe he could have used his magic to grab the boy, but Sarn didn’t call it, and it didn’t rush to his aid either.
Ran skidded to a halt in front of Ranispara, and her eyes widened at the sight of him. “Hi, I’m Ran. I’m his son.” Ran pointed at Sarn. “Who are you?” Ran thrust his hand out.
Ranispara shook it. “I’m Ranispara. I’m Inari’s friend, and I work with your father.” Her gaze sought him out. “Is he really your son?” She mouthed that question, so she didn’t offend Ran.
Sarn nodded as he dropped onto the couch and put his head in his hands. “You can’t tell anyone about him. They’ll take him away from me if you do, and I can’t live without him.”
“No. Nobody’s taking me away from you. You’re the best Papa in the world.” Ran crashed into his legs.
Damn it. He shouldn’t have said that in front of Ran, but it was the truth. Sarn put his arms around his son, but nothing would ever be the same. Too many people knew about him now. It was only a matter of time before everyone knew. Then they’d take the boy away from him.
“I’m sorry.” Inari rested a hand on his shoulder.
“What’s going on? What did I interrupt?” Ranispara rose and faced Inari.
“We have a bargain. He’ll come once a week with his son so I can make sure they’re both all right.” Inari gestured to them.
“Why wouldn’t we be?” Ran glared at them as he ticked his points off on his fingers. “Papa takes good care of me, and so does Uncle Miren. We play games. We read books, and sometimes we have adventures, but not lately because Papa is busy lighting crystals and doing other magical stuff.”
“I’m never too busy for you.” Sarn hugged his son.
“I know. But you’re too busy for adventures right now. And that’s okay because people need light, and you must light the crystals. When I get more magic, I’ll help you.” Ran patted his knee.
Sarn hoped that day never came. He couldn’t imagine his son with his magic. Sarn didn’t know what to do now, either. Should he extract the same promise from Ranispara?
“You don’t have to worry. I won’t tell anyone about him.” Ranispara sat across from Sarn.
“Do you promise?” Ran squirmed until he faced her.
“Yeah, I promise.” Ranispara leaned forward and winked at him.
And just like that, she was bound to her word. Sarn covered his face again with his hands. This time, he wasn’t the one who’d bound her. Ran had done it with his little magical gift, and Sarn needed to have a long talk with him about that.
“Promises are binding for mages,” Sarn reminded his son, even though it was too late.
“I know.” Ran patted his knee again. “But you needed that promise, and you didn’t want to ask for it, so I did it for you. That’s what family’s for.” Ran shrugged, then wriggled out of his arms. “Can we have cookies now?”

To read the rest, get Curse Breaker Revealed.

Tell us about your latest project

In Curse Breaker Revealed, the 9th book in the Curse Breaker series, Sarn can’t keep his son a secret for much longer, not when his enemies are hunting for the boy. 

When his bored son goes on a small adventure, they capture him and take him away. Sarn uses all his magic to find and follow the boy. Four humans won’t be much of a match for a mage.

But the Twice-Born still lives, and he will collapse the mountain to keep Sarn away from his son. Nor is he the only one standing between Sarn and the boy. An evil spirit wants his magic since Sarn is the only mage left, and it’ll steal his body to get it. 

How can Sarn save his son when he needs someone to rescue him?

If you’re new to the series, start it for FREE with Curse Breaker Enchanted. 

What is your favourite cake?

I’m not a cake fan, but I love ricotta pie. It’s an Italian version of the NY cheesecake made with ricotta instead of cream cheese. Ricotta pie is healthier, fluffier, lighter and so yummy! 

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