Monday 27 December 2021

Not My Wheel

I was so excited when they announced they were doing a TV show based on the Wheel of Time.

When I saw the trailer I was still excited. 

The first couple of episodes I liked. There were changes that made me say oh and then reason, well I guess I understand why they did that. It helps the story. And on the whole, the casting was good.

I spent most of the time explaining the back story behind things to my long-suffering hubby and promising him that it was going to be awesome.

But then, the further we got through the episodes the more things were changed. They didn't meet Min in Baerlon or even go to Baerlon. They never went to Camelyn, we never met Elayne, Galad or Gawayne. They met Loial in Tar Varlon. Mat never went through the Way Gate. They didn't all go to the Eye of the World. There was no Green Man. Aglemar dies! Nynaeve and Egwene fight at Tarwins Gap and nearly burn out. The Dark One cuts Moiraine off from the Source. Loial dies! What the fudging heck is going on? 

My love for the books means I have to say the TV show is screwing up. I can no longer say I understand why they did that. I have no idea why they did that. It doesn't work. It's ruining everything. Ugh. 

I think I'll stick with my books. The real Wheel. 

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  1. I totally understand that opinion. In the show's defense, they had problems and compromise to make along the way. Not all the choices they made were good ones, not all were ones I agreed with, but on the whole, I think its heart is in the right place. I've, on balance, enjoyed the series. If they had the ten episodes they wanted rather than the eight Amazon gave them, if they hadn't had to compromise because of Covid particularly for the last two episodes. If Barney Harris (Mat) hadn't left the show at the end of episode six. The books remains the real thing, but as a reimagining, a new turning of the wheel... I'm still having fun with it.

    1. I didn't know that about the actor who plays Mat. I think if I watch it again and not think about the books - I'll probably enjoy it more. But I know the story so well, I found it hard to divorce that from watching the show, especially in the last few episodes. There was a lot I liked, I think I was just expecting too much.