Monday 18 October 2021

A Tidy Desk

If I had a tidy desk, imagine the things I could do. I would always have a place to sit and work at, to churn out 1000s of words in peace and comfort. There would never be any filing or children's drawings or ironing or school trip slips or phone numbers or receipts or... you get the idea.

Perhaps my tidy desk will be an indication of a tidy mind and not one that teeters on the edge of a disorganised ravine. 

Or... maybe it will become a haven of colouring and play-doh but then again, maybe not - getting play-doh out the carpet is a nightmare. 

So this desk will have a cup holder - oh no, that's cars isn't it? But somewhere to store biscuits would be nice. And then space for the printer and the mini CD player. Drawers for pens and memory sticks, reams of paper, lined pads and rulers, a few rubbers and a pencil sharpener, oh and highlighters, half-filled in notebooks, bookmarks, pack of polos, couple of copies of Writing Magazine, scribbles on the back of an envelope with that next great book idea and folders. Lots and lots of folders. 

Of course, the tidy desk comes with the perfect chair. Lumbar support, headrest, swivel capability, adjustable height, armrests too and this one can definitely have a cup holder. Huzzah.

My typewriter, my laptop, my iPad, two sets - no three sets of headphones, all my Funko Pops and some lego - a cable tidy and spare chargers, CDs for the player plus more pens, two diaries, lots of printouts and a science experiment kit (don't ask). 

This desk is starting to look kinda filled up... I'm not sure there's going to be room for writing, the sole purpose of the desk in the first place.

But I can be clear on one rule... one very important rule that cannot, will not be broken under any circumstances whatsoever. And that is...


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