Monday 19 April 2021

No News...

That old adage 'no news is good news' is in full effect at the moment.

I'm quiet because I'm working away on getting The Silk Thief ready for publication date (4th June in case you've missed it) and trying to write regularly on The Bone Thief whilst audio recording The Interspecies Poker Tournament. Busy busy busy.

You can always hop on over to my group on Facebook where I upload semi-regular updates on what I've been up to.

If you've signed up to my newsletter then you'll get to read chapter 1 of The Silk Thief at the beginning of May - exciting!

Claire Buss is a multi-genre author and poet, completely addicted to cake. Find out more about her books on her website Join the discussion in her Facebook group Buss's Book Stop.

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