Monday 19 October 2020

The F Word

It happened. 

My little boy, my angel, my darling child, dropped the F-bomb at school.

Absolutely mortified.

Family comment "Where did he get that from then?"

Not me. The phrase used is not one I use. Although to my shame, I do swear - way more than I ought to. I never used to. Tiredness and stress have led to diminished brain capacity and increased potty mouth. 

But now that my darlings are firmly in the 'do as I do' base camp - enough is enough. There will be no more swearwords.

Instead, I shall use my writer brain to think of words I can use. So far I have:

Oh Biscuits
Son of a Nutcracker
Snails (a Jenni reference)
Fudge nuggets

Surely my kids won't get in trouble for that... will they?

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