Sunday 3 March 2019

I've nearly finished...

Some days it seems like those three words are my daily mantra.

Me trying to do anything 
'Mum! I need a drink.'
'Just a minute. I've nearly finished...'

Me sat on the loo, having a shower, trying to get dressed
'Mum, Belle is climbing on the sofa.'
'I've nearly finished...'

Me on the phone to my mum
'Have you finished writing that book yet?'
'I've nearly finished...'

So now I start my day with the mantra I've nearly finished... and use it to construct my mental to-do list. That's mostly because 90% of the stuff that goes on my list are things that I haven't quite got to the end of yet. Writing work, mum work, housework and probably a million other little bits and bobs that I suddenly remember and then forget again almost straight away. Luckily, these are not end of the world items. Although we did forget to pick up the PE kit from the kitchen table three days in a row.

On the writing side of the world, I have, honestly, nearly finished the new first draft of The Interspecies Poker Tournament. I've got three chapters to write and a bit of filling in to do but the read through was positive. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be and this is important because it has a kick-ass cover to live up to (artwork by Ian Bristow).

So I shall pick up my well-worn mantra and attack the new week with vigour because after all, I'm nearly finished...

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