Monday 12 May 2014

Supreme Procastinator

I just had my ass handed to me by a monkey-kicking emoticon (thanks friend x) reminding me that probably the thing I do best is procrastinate about how I can't do the things that I could maybe be doing. I talk a good talk about how it would be awesome if a) fitted perfectly into (2) and part iii swam along nicely with section 4 and all I need to do is xyz to the power of 7.

The key must be to using every single minute of every single waking hour to the absolute best of your ability. However, who do you know who is that perfect?  I mean we see them walking around, looking coiffed and in charge but for all we know, or at least as I like to think, they've got masses of unwashed dishes in their sink or fifteen weeks of washing littering their bedroom floor - maybe even both.

If I was super organised I wonder how much I'd be able to actually achieve, all those little jobs would be jobbed and all those little nooks would be de-crannied but then where is the fun in that?  My actual day went along the lines of taking mr mini cutie pants to the library for new stories, returning home to find an email from the library telling my reserved books had come in.  Cut to extremely unimpressed facial expression.  I guess that's what tomorrow is for.  Along with all those other jobs & nooks that I didn't get round to today.

Keep dreaming the dream - one day, you never know.

(art by Paige Martin)

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