Saturday 24 May 2014


Lately all the awesome shows I've been watching have been cancelled.  It does make you wonder why the powers that be listen to the sheep herd and not the actual intelligent idea thinkers.  The early cancellation of these shows is quite annoying because I'm left with I wonder what happened, did they ever find out the big concept and who kissed who.  The only good thing about the cancellation of Firefly was the round-up film Serenity and even that left possibilities of further adventures tantalisingly out of reach..  Thank goodness for Castle and a regular fix of the somewhat filled out Nathan Fillion.

I've been poorly sick this week which has been both good and bad.  In my fevered state I cried at the thought of having the fan on and when I heard my little boy griping I was lying under the quilt, unable to move, unable to open my eyes yet constantly saying his name.  And my temperature wasn't even that high!! Mummy flu is pretty serious, first it begins with the OMG I feel so ill - how can I possibly survive.  Secondly you have a big long list of things you need to do and exactly minus that amount of energy to do them with. Finally you have huge amounts of fear at the thought of your baby boy catching your nasty germs.  But I think he had it first and gave it to me, plus his poorly sickness wasn't as bad as mine.  Perhaps the effects increase with person size seeing as I am at least fifty million times bigger than him it stands to reason that I will be fifty  million times sicker.  I was almost on the verge of wishing I was cancelled.

I like the way time rolls into time when you don't have regular structure, it means that there are rarely any deadlines so things are never cancelled, they are just moved along.  For someone who doesn't cope well with mostly self imagined failure, it makes for a perfect match.  In fact I might even go so far as to say nothing should ever be cancelled merely postponed for another day.  When I feel like it.

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