Friday 9 May 2014


That is how many books are on my to read list on Goodreads and that is only the books I know about. Who knows how many page turners are out there just waiting for me to find them.  I still get a huge kick from losing myself in a book, curling up on an afternoon with a cup of tea in hand and just losing myself in the pages.  I'm never really aware of the paragraphs and the text, it becomes a moving story before my eyes with detailed imagery and sound, sometimes even taste and smell.  I do not see the words, I only absorb the story and I love it.  Books are probably the best invention in the world ever.  And I am not a purist, my kindle gets almost as much attention as the physical tome and I'm in and out of the library so often that the staff are starting to smile when they greet me.  (Firstly it's Greater London - no-one smiles and secondly they are not librarians because it's one of those new fangled job shop, council payment, spa treatment, gospel church, teaching, cafe libraries *shudder*).   The actual library section has my fingers itching as I long to reorganise the fiction aisles, all the books are sorted alphabetically with the little picture labels on the spine to let you know if they are mystery, sci fi etc and I just ache to put them into little pools of genre.  Perhaps one day I will just start moving them around, I doubt anyone would notice.  What I love the most about my nearby house of shockingly few books is the online service, just log in with your library card and you can reserve any book you like, for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  It doesn't usually take that long to come in and it means that you don't have to spend time scouring aisles with a potential sound bomb in the buggy just waiting to detonate.

So whilst I was sadly lacking in my new determination to blog regularly yesterday, I did manage to finish a book (yay) and go to the library and pick up another (double yay).  My first ever real book review has also just been uploaded on the Curious Animal Magazine site so please do my ego a massive favour and go read it, love it, talk about it, comment and share.  I am absolutely desperate to go finish reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss but my kindle needs charging and I have 8 other books in my current reading pile, one of which has a deadline of sorts and I have only just tickled it's intro.  Besides, life shrilly demands that my nose be dislodged from its preferred home of bookdom with jobs jobs jobs.  Busy little bookworm - that's me!

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