Monday 5 December 2022

My First Open Mic Night!

I have always been in awe of poetic performers able to stand up in front of strangers and perform their poetry. After all, it's a lyrical collection of words that deserves to be listened to. 

Pen to Print, the organisation that created and runs Write On! magazine, where I am Deputy Editor, and for whom I run regular workshops designed to help new writers, put on a Christmas party - of sorts. They set up a festive open mic night and invited us all to attend with a poem to read and some mince pies to scoff. 

And so... there it was, my first open mic night. Naturally I had to write a poem especially for the evening.

Bring a poem, she said
It's open mic, she said
It'll be fun
She said

I said

It's the usual gang, she said
Laughs will be had, she said
Open to the public
She said

I said

Wear a santa hat, she said
If you do I will, she said
Festive wotnots
She said

I said
(nervous laugh)

It's Christmas, she said
There'll be mince piesm she said
All together
She said

I said

No judgment, she said
Read if you want to, she said
Love a poem
She said

I said

The poem went down well - people laughed which is always the intention and the relief. I admit, my hands were shaking while reading the poem and when I'd finished and sat back down, my heart was thumping out of my chest for at least five minutes afterwards. 

The main thing I was struck with at the evening was the range of poetry that was spoken. I often think that my poetry doesn't stack up to others - it's not as... posh. My poetry is usually amusing, usually short and usually rhyming. But, when the other attendees said it reminded them of Pam Ayres, well... my day was utterly made.

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