Wednesday 2 November 2022

A Slice of Cake With... Lisa Stanbridge

Today I am delighted to have a slice of cake with author Lisa Stanbridge.

Award-winning Australian author Lisa Stanbridge has been writing ever since she could string sentences together. As a child, it started off with princesses in castles being rescued by Prince Charming. As a teenager she moved on to angsty teens struggling through life with raging hormones. Now, as a semi-mature adult, she writes sweet contemporary romances about real people going through real struggles who want their HEA.

In 2019, Lisa won the Romance Writers of Australia Little Gems short story contest with Clarity, and was shortlisted in the RWAus Emerald Award for unpublished manuscripts for Abandoned Hearts where she ranked second place. Abandoned Hearts was published the following year by Boroughs Publishing Group. 2020 saw Lisa shortlisted again in the RWAus Sweet Treats contest with The Cupcake Catastrophe.

In 2021, Lisa came fifth place in the RWAus First Kiss Award, and was shortlisted in the RWAus Sapphire Award for unpublished manuscripts for Oceans Apart where she ranked third place. Abandoned Hearts also won ‘Best First Book’ for Romance Writers of New Zealand Koru Award of Excellence.

When she’s not writing, Lisa works full time as a Software Tester. She reads anything she can sink her teeth into, and occasionally binges on the latest Netflix series. Lisa loves lazy days at the beach reading or writing, but rarely swimming, and loves spending time with her husband and her friends.

What kind of books do you write?

Sweet and heartwarming stories with vivid locations, and in-depth characters on a journey of self-discovery while trying to find the love of their lives.

Can you describe your writing why?

Multiple reasons! But I think the main reason is that I absolutely love creating stories for people to enjoy. The characters become my friends and I love seeing them grow. All that aside, I also view writing as an outlet... an escape from reality. When I don’t write, I feel really antsy and on edge.

Share with us your favourite passage from the book you enjoyed writing the most

This is from my debut novel, Abandoned Hearts. This book wrote itself so easily. I knew where I wanted the story to go, and the characters carried it for me. I had so much fun writing it. This scene is where the hero and heroine have finally let down their guards to fully embrace their feelings for each other:

Winding her arms up and around his neck, she held him close, their warm breath mixing with the salty spring breeze. She held on so tightly, almost afraid of letting go. This kiss was so different to their first one—rather than being tentative, it was lively. Passionate. It spoke of promises, of a future with no fear, no pain, no suffering.

She sighed into the kiss and Michael tightened his hold. His soft lips caressed and massaged hers in such a sensual way, sending her heart beating rapidly against her ribcage. He held her so close she could feel his heartbeat against her own. Two abandoned hearts beating together…healing together.

Tell us about your latest project

I wrote a novella for a Paris Anthology that released in September 2022. My story, Lonely in Paris, is all about an Aussie girl working in Paris for six months. She hasn’t had a very good time so far and is feeling lonely. Until she meets the enigmatic Frenchman, Jacques, who shows her what Paris really has to offer. She only falls in love with Paris, but with Jacques too.

What is your favourite cake?

Black Forest Gateau.

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