Friday 14 June 2019

Flash Fiction - Am I Awake?

She cries. I have a vague memory. Again, she cries. I stir. More fractious wailing. Eventually, I groan. The misery doesn’t stop and so autopilot moves me. Heavy limbs fight every motion as I zombie out of bed. Eyes refuse to clear their slumber but a memorised route prevents accidental collision. The bedroom door is opened with silent precision so as not to fully wake the child. Hesitant steps are taken. I hold my breath. The child sleeps. Now I must tiptoe back the way I came making not a whisper of a sound. Tiptoe. Tiptoe. She cries. I wake.

This week's challenge was to only write 100 words in ten minutes. 

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  1. I like that - it reminds me of when my kids were little. Does this have to be exactly 100 words? If I were doing this here's what I would write - going off your Am I awake?

    Is it morning?
    Turn that bright thing in the sky off.
    Darkness is best, darkness is calm, quiet, and peaceful.
    Brightness creeps up the wall and demands attention.
    Damn, I don't want to be up.
    Leave me to my dreams.
    But the light is demanding, never giving way
    Filling the room and reminding me tick tock tick tock
    Get up, get up.
    I sigh. My lids slide closed.
    The thunder of little feet race
    A hiss. I shift to make sure it's only play
    Younger fur baby turns away, ignores me.
    Fine I'll get up.
    Mornings suck