Saturday 24 November 2018

Flash Friday - Supernatural Meets Mumlife

'Leo! Come on! You need to clean your teeth! We're going to be late for school.'
'In a minute, Mum. I'm busy.'
I raised my eyebrows in disbelief at being told by my five-year-old that he is too busy to come to the bathroom and clean his teeth. Hefting my baby girl onto a slightly more comfortable position on my hip, I storm back into the front room to have it out with him.
'Excuse me? Did you just say no to me?' I ask, trying really hard not to get cross as the seconds' tick by.
'Look at what?'
'The TV.'
I turn in annoyance to see what stupid cartoon program is running. A pixellated face is pushing itself out of the television screen, it's mouth open, eyes screwed tight, silently screaming.
'What the...' I pick up the nearby remote and turn the set off. The face disappears. I cautiously touch the screen to make sure it has definitely gone and it's freezing cold. Leo wanders over and his breath mists as he breathes out. I realised mine is doing the same. I glance at the clock and realise it's ten past eight.
'Shit,' I huff under my breath. 'Come on! Let's go.' I grab my son's arm and pull him into the bathroom to clean his teeth.
We eventually make it out the front door and are hurrying up the street to school when a black Impala swings around the roundabout. Huh, that looks like the Supernatural car I think then dismiss it from my mind.

Forty minutes later and I am pushing the door open into my block of flats when a tall guy dressed in a cheap suit holds the door open for me.
'Thanks,' I mutter, not really looking. The inner door also swings open, this time held by a slightly shorter man, also dressed in a cheap looking suit. I glance at his face. Holy Shit. It's Jensen Ackles, better known, to me at least, as Dean Winchester. I risk looking behind me and yep, it's Jared Padalecki aka Sam Winchester.
'Wow,' I say. 'What are doing here? Are you filming?' I look around for a camera crew but can't see anything obvious.
'Filming?' Jensen frowns at me. 'I'm Special Agent Riggs, this is Special Agent Murtaugh.' He flashes me his FBI badge. 'Have you seen anything strange lately?'
'Cold spots, things moving, strange sounds. That sort of thing.' Jared smiles his puppy dog smile at me and I think my actual knees sag.
'Are you kidding me?' I ask them. 'Okay, I'll play along. Come on in, Sam and Dean.'
I catch Jensen giving Jared his best serious stare face as I walk past them pushing the buggy. At the foot of the stairs, I get my baby girl out and swing the nappy bag onto my shoulder.
'Here, let me get that,' says Jared as he picks up the buggy and begins to follow me upstairs.
I fumble a little with the keys because Jensen Ackles and Jared Paladecki are actually stood behind me, in real life, and I think I might pass out from fandom. When I finally get the door open, Jared leaves the buggy outside and they both follow me in.
'Coffee?' I ask hopefully because then I can use my Supernatural mug and see if they decide to break the fourth wall that they're obviously trying to adhere to.
'No, thanks. How do you know who we are?' Jared asks politely while Jensen wanders through the small flat. But before I can answer, he calls out from the front room.
'Er.. we've got a live one here, Sammie.'
We both go through and the apparition I saw earlier is once more trying to push its way through the television screen.
'Oh yeah, this happened this morning as well. Weird, right?' For some reason, I am ridiculously calm.
Dean, sorry Jensen, pulls out a gun and shoots at the face. It instantly dissolves and Anabelle starts crying at the loud noise.
'Hey, little one, don't cry,' Jared begins cooing at her and she soon perks up. I'm looking at the rock salt spattering my front room.
'Is it gone?' I ask.
'My advice, put this across your windows.' Jensen hands me a bag of goofer sand.
'Yeah, and call us if you see anything else.' Jared hands me a Winchester business card. 'We'll be in the country for a little while longer.'
'Men of Letters?' I ask, innocently.
Again they exchange deep and meaningful looks.
'How do you know about the Men of Letters?' Jensen asks angrily but before I can reply Castiel appears in the already crowded front room. I know he is the real Castiel because he literally just appeared in front of my eyes.
'Sam. Dean. We need to go.'
'Kinda in the middle of something, Cas.' Jensen nods at me and Castiel turns to regard me and my daughter. He looks around the room and seems to be figuring out what has happened here.
'Everything will be fine.' He says to me. 'We have to go, now.' He looks pleadingly at Dean.
I realise this is not some kind of secret filming prank. Sam and Dean Winchester are standing in my house. For real.
'You're Sam and Dean Winchester,' I whisper.
'Yes they are,' says Castiel proudly as he puts a hand on each shoulder and the three men suddenly wink out of the room.
'Bloody hell,' I say. I should have got a selfie.

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