Tuesday 27 October 2015

30-day Writing Challenge - Day 5

A place you would live but have never visited

This merits some serious consideration.  Do I have to be specific in geographic positioning?  Am I meant to know the latitude and longitude of this fantastical place or is it enough to have an idea in my head of what would be my ideal?

My dream would be seaside village.  A little cottage with some land for pottering around, growing herbs and maybe keeping a goat or two.  A walk to the coastline for the dogs and running through the surf in the early morning.  Hubby is the local bobby, I'm the writer spending time in idyllic nooks spinning the imagination wheel and creating magical stories to share and pass on to others.

Our children would run barefoot through the grass and have intimate knowledge of the beach fossils and inhabitants of the rock pools.  Every year I'd enter a cake into the village fete and never win due to harsh WI judging but every slice is always sold.  I have hundreds of half finished projects - in the garden a mini fruit orchard grows unchecked with travelling brambles creeping and sneaking where they shouldn't be, patches of rhubarb and random strawberry plants dotted here and there amidst the carrots and potatoes.  Wildflowers are sprinkled liberally all round the cottage and there's a rickety old gate that always hangs open.  Bikes, buckets and spades litter the front lawn liberally with a teddy bear picnic happening beneath the giant oak tree where the tree house lives.

Inside the walls are covered with memory lane photos, children artwork and movie related memorabilia.  The furniture doesn't match.  The cat sleeps on the hearth in front of the open fire.  There's a huge wooden table in the kitchen marred from years and years of working, eating and preparing.  The crockery is piled haphazardly on the rickety shelves of a giant welsh dresser and the ancient Aga purrs in the corner.  There's a library.  Oh the library.  It has squishy squashy chairs big enough to curl your whole body in with lamps and shrugs to keep you warm in the winter.  The books are all the old favourites, some are in piles on the floor, others cram shelves but each one is loved and re-read often.

It's a happy place, full of laughter, love and sunshine.  I haven't visited it yet because it's the dream I aspire to but the seeds are growing.

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