Monday 26 October 2015

30-day Writing Challenge - Day 4

10 Interesting Things About Me

This begs the question of what qualifies as interesting so maybe one of these is a tall tale but which?

One - I have 32 qualifications to my name and worked in 5 different roles thus far in my job life.  That doesn't include the four jobs I had prior to my first proper real job or the most amazing role I fulfil now as a Mummy.  One that requires no qualifications at all, something that really beggars belief.

Two - I have been made Sunday manager, redundant, asked to train others, managed a member of staff, been accused of drug taking, had my department closed, retrained on the job, worked for two separate departments at the same time, experienced sexual harassment and been mentally bullied in the workplace, retrained again, had my Best Sister mug broken, shouted at across the office by a colleague and fired during my work life.

Three - At age 15 I flew, by myself, to Australia to stay with a friend of the family I didn't know.  I experienced the most intense and trippy hallucinations as I suffered with chronic jetlag.  I suffered again when I flew to Brunei on a school trip, missing out on a day at a theme park and instead dying on a mattress in a random house watching geckos run on the walls.

Four - I have been a member of an athletics team, played Basketball and Football for a team, achieved my green belt in Karate (two down from Black) and earnt 4 trophies and 57 medals for running.

Five - I have climbed the highest mountain in the Southern hemisphere, Mt. Kinabalu 4,095m.

Six - Despite being the clumsiest person I know and having had some stellar falls as well as a motorbike accident, I have never broken a bone.  I am now touching everything wooden in the flat.

Seven - I used to be in a pop group with my sisters called Three Star.

Eight - I have my Grade 2 Roller Skating qualification.  Quads not Inlines.

Nine - I am the worst bowler you have ever met in your life.  Honestly.  If you ever want to feel better about yourself, take me bowling.  Personal high-score of 28.  Is that interesting?  Possibly because of the epic fail nature of the fact.

Ten - I have brushed shoulders with Jimmy Saville (maybe I shouldn't own up to that), been at baggage claim with Ian Botham, walked past Richard E Grant on Piccadilly (he's so short), actually spoken to Sir David Attenborough, heard Brian Blessed sing opera live, listened with joy to George Takei speak at a sci-fi convention, met Sir Terry Pratchett and Ben Aaronovitch, hi-fived Sir Chris Hoy, walked past motorbike ace Carl Fogarty (also teeny tiny) and attended the Natural History Museum Sexual Nature launch party with Charlie Borman and Matthew Home.

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