Thursday 2 June 2011

Water, water, everywhere

Normally pouring from the sky when you don't want it to to be honest but the wonderful British weather isn't what I wanted to talk about.  This month it is all about water.  It takes 28 days to build a habit which happily fits into a month.  And June is water month.  So.... we've all heard it, about a billion times - drink water!!

It can't be warm because then it just isn't refreshing but it can't be too cold because then it hurts your teeth although cold water is meant to burn more calories.  Ice cubes are annoying because they bump your teeth and stop you getting a good mouthful of water - fizzy water is just wrong, it's not refreshing - the carbon dioxide dries your mouth out.  Flavoured water is almost as bad because.... because it's either juice or it isn't.  Oh and tea doesn't count apparently - s'got water innit!  You can't drink it out of a tap because it hasn't been filtered but if you use a filter you've got to store it in the fridge and make sure you change the filters regularly.  You can't keep it in a bottle because when it gets warm the plastics in the bottle are gradually melting into the water and can be carcinogenic.  Oh and you can't drink too much either because it will kill your kidneys and whilst you might actually be thirsty when you think you are hungry nor is it a suitable meal replacement.

The water challenge then - well it's simple.  8 glasses a day.  Apparently you are meant to do things like put post it notes everywhere, set your phone alarm, send yourself emails to remind yourself, drink out of a pretty glass so you feel special, drink it at every meal, in between meals but never more than like two glasses in half an hour (!) and jobs a good un.

Cup of tea anyone?

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