Tuesday 21 June 2011

Losing Momentum

It's a slippery, slidey bugger is momentum.  When things are ticking along, one might say it is a momentous feeling but really momentum is hard to get going, hard to keep going and hard to start going again.  When you have sails full of wind you can breeze through mountains of tasks without a by your leave but usually sooner or later you find you have nothing but hot air.

I think momentum goes hand in hand with good intentions and planning.  Planning in my book is nothing but writing lists of things you are never going to do even on your best day ever.  Yet I still plan meticulously, surrounding myself in comforting slips of paper telling me what I should be doing every second of every day right down to the letter.  The good intentions often look really impressive however without a healthy dose of momentum they are rarely fulfilled. 

Momentum is usually found on a Monday morning with a hey yeah, here we go, new week, yee-hah etc.  Momentum is generally being looked for at about 11am on a Monday morning in amongst the soft digestives and broken custard creams of the sad looking tea break biscuit tin.  It's tricky.  It knows all the best ways to get lost and not be found.  It's an expert at playing hooky.  Lessons could be learnt.

In a recent blockbuster it was stated that strength of will overcomes fear and it is fear that obstructs us and potentially steals our mojo aka momentum.  My strength of will is probably on par with a gnat.  However, I have hand weights and I'm not afraid to use them - with some good intentions and a bit of planning  ;)

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