Wednesday 3 November 2010

Leaf Litter

This morning I was stunned to see our street wardens bagging up leaves.  What a ridiculous waste of time and resources.  And.... how are leaves litter??  I mean I know it is called a leaf litter but for goodness sake!!  Is this another mad 'elf and safety scheme - watch out, leaves are dangerous, they drop to the floor and everything.

The thing is, it is so pointless to try and scoop the leaves up - they fall - it is the grand design of autumn.  Who is Lewisham council to try and dictate that leaves should not be cluttering up the street.  And also - why can't they clutter up the street??  Leaves look pretty and kids can have fun kicking them across the street as they go to school.  I mean, are we getting to the point where trees are going to be fined for littering and children will be yelling 'litter bug' to them as they walk by?  Honestly - isn't it just the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard?  They are leaves!!  They decompose!!  Go do something useful like clear up all the dog waste that is liberally sprinkled all over the path on my 5 mile walk to work.  It's like something out of the bloody krypton factor!

I reckon the next time you are out and about, go find your nearest autumnal tree and give it a good shake - free the leaf!!  Viva la leaf!!  I mean honestly...

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