Sunday, 23 April 2017

Editor's Block

I sit collapsed in my chair after a busy 3 days of running hither and thither culminating in watching my hubby run the London Marathon. Now it is the end of the Easter holidays, the little man goes back to nursery on Monday morning and I have no more excuses left. I have to get back to work on my WIP.

I finished writing The Rose Thief at the beginning of the year which was great but since then I've struggled to get to grips with the editing. Who knew there was editor's block??? I'll admit I've used writer events, a convention, life, illness and a back accident get in my way but no more, I need to knuckle down. I've realised what I lack is a plan and a deadline. With no competition looming over me this time I can finish when I finish. With no writing mentor I have no plan of action.

And then of course, writer's friend self doubt comes out to play. She loves to hang around, out stay her welcome and eat all the cake. Plain rude.

I can't edit it because it's no good. There's too much to do by myself, I need a team of editors working with me. I forgot how to spell!!!  Well, maybe not quite that bad but there's a large block of some sort in my way. Now is not the time to rest on my laurels.

Tomorrow I shall pack up my MS - that's manuscript for those who don't know - a barrelful of snacks, drop my son off at nursery then go find a corner in the library to smash that block to smithereens. That's the plan anyway. I'm going to bring gold stars and I'm not sharing.


  1. I am rooting for you! Keep us posted.

  2. Thanks Taron - it's a WIP, germs are kicking my butt :(