Sunday, 1 November 2015

30-day Writing Challenge - Day 10

A fruit you dislike and why


It is the salad of the fruit world.  A cucumber in rotund form.  And the assumption is that everyone likes melon.  It is always in the works Christmas dinner starter option.  It consistently taints other fruits in restaurant fruit salads.  You can't buy fresh fruit pots from the supermarket without it being there in one form or another - that's another issue, the many varieties.  What's that about?

Melon has it's own utensil.  Undeservedly.

As far as I know you can't make a crumble out of it or a pie - I imagine the high water content renders it to mush if you try to heat it in any way.  As for melon flavoured ice cream - it's just not even worth discussing.

Don't get me started on the big brother - watermelon.  It looks so much cooler with that stripy skin and juicy pink flesh but it still tastes like ass.  Well, not literally but I'm fairly certain you've got the gist.  Then you've got watermelon flavoured sweets, gum and lip balm.

No, just no.

Watermelon Cool animated GIF

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