Thursday 31 December 2015

I am resolute

That's right.  You read it here first.  I am admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering.  The only problem is that I'm not sure exactly for what.  But I shall be resolute about it.  For at least the first five minutes of 2016.

I am terrible at New Year resolutions.  In fact I think that I am quite possibly against them.  I am what I am.  As a ghost I will be what I was.  My morphological state of being has been set and is highly unlikely to change significantly no matter how many 31st of Decembers I state that I shall become X, Y and Z.

That said I do strive towards one thing and that is happiness.  It's tricksy and wicked and false but allegedly it can be found if you don't look for it and most definitely if you resist the urge to analyse it when you find it.  It's the elusive rainbow pooping unicorn of myth and legend.

I do have goals for 2016 but I am resisting the end of year urge to state that I shall achieve them all within the next 365 days.  Let's not get carried away with additional pressure and timeframes and wotnot.  It's the wotnots that can kill you.  They're sneaky.

And so to actuality.

I will be changing abode in 2016.  I am very much excitedly looking forward to that with the same kind of bottomless dread that goes hand in hand with never knowing exactly what it is that you are going to 'do' with the rest of your life.  And there may be gainful employment options.

In opposition to sanity I shall be starting Insanity tomorrow.  Can I get a 'Hell Yeah'?  I'm thinking that I might need picking up off the floor on the 2nd of January.  But it should provide some humourous moments when I face plant on press up number two and spend the rest of the week in painful muscle spasms.

I will finally stop procrastinating around and write the goddamn query letter to the list of 55 literary agents I have researched about my book and stop being so unsure about the whole thing and just get on with it.  There will be a website.  And there are two other projects in the pipeline.  Plus a sequel. Plus some poetry because why not.

Finally I hope there will be friends and family.  New friends and maybe even new family.  Visits and fly bys.  Large, confused roast dinners and tipsy evenings playing board games.  Long distance drives in the rain met by cups of tea and homemade cakes.  Cutting and sticking and gluing and painting and glittering.  And big comfy chairs with lots and lots and lots of books.

Here's to your 2016 - cheers x

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