Tuesday 9 October 2012

Wedding of the Year

Awwww - it was lovely.  And you might think that I have to say that because it was my best friends wedding but she knows and I know that (unfortunately) I'm always honest so when I say it was a truly lovely wedding - it really, really was.

I've been to lots of weddings, including my own, so I think I'm reasonably qualified to be able to comment.  You could see all the hard work and thinking that had gone into this wedding and it made it effortlessly relaxed which can be pretty tricky.

What about Operation F.I.D I hear you say - well, it was partially successful.  The dress did up, with a little encouragement, however the heaving bosom did at times look like it was heaving out and I must avoid all rear shot photos but then who does look good from the back?  No comments needed, TQ.  Thankfully I didn't hear any 'OMG, what does she look like' and the Bride's father was extremely gracious, as was the dearly beloved of course - despite being late and missing the entire ceremony!!

I was never 100% sure on the bride's choice of dress colour, it was a beautiful smoky grey, but I think we are all hard wired into thinking that wedding dresses have to be white.  Let me tell you - they really don't.  It looked stunning and fitted into the whole city wedding theme brilliantly.  The photographer was a blast and I can't wait to see what shots she managed to get, the few I've seen of the B&G from other people are just lovely.  You can literally reach out and touch the happiness and love in the air, and yes I did have a welling up moment.  It's probably a good thing that you can't see my face during the ceremony because my cheeks were burning from smiling so much, I just couldn't help it!  It was an infectious joy. 

The food was very yummy at the reception, good quality and actually hot.  You always expect a hot buffet to be hot but sometimes all you get is lukewarm, this was excellent.  We were in the basement of a pub, roomy enough to allow movement but snug enough to make you all feel like you were together.  No formalities, no top table or seating plan which again defies the traditional conventions but who cares?  I got to sit next to my best friend, gossipping and munching.

The only downside for me was that I had to leave to catch a train home.  It would have been fab to have stayed to the very end but I know that she had a wonderful day and I'm pretty sure the groom enjoyed himself too!!

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