Wednesday 4 January 2012

Tight Jeans

Groan - Christmas has made my jeans tight.  It wasn't me.  I was going to exercise, everyday there was a new plan and there was running and swimming and stuffs yet my jeans are tight.  It wasn't me.  I cook healthy meals and am conscious about my five-a-day.  Occasionally treats like cinnabon just jump into my mouth yet my jeans are tight.  It wasn't me. The mantra for the new season of the Biggest Loser in the US is no excuses.  But it really wasn't me I tell you - it wasn't, it wasn't!!!  Oh OK.... it was.

When I was a wee slip of a thing, around the 17 year mark, I weighed just under 9 stone which I admit is a little under what I should be.  Can you believe at the time I thought I was fat??  I looked in the mirror and I thought I had wibbly bits and wobbly bits and even waggly bits.  I read all the magazines and listened to all the media spin telling me that less was more and that skinny was better and really skinny was really, really good.  And then I relationshipped and in the next 10 years, I gained just over seven stone.  That's almost a person.  In fact it is my sister.  I became a blob of grossness.

It's difficult to comprehend the impact severe weight gain has on an individual.  It destroys your entire being, your self esteem, your confidence and creates a fundamental image of yourself that you struggle to shake off.  The story gets better, a few personal disasters later and this cat is looking at the slim old end of a 4 stone weight loss, almost all the way there - just another couple of stone to go and she's back to business.  But as with all well laid plans, there is disaster in the making and things never, ever, never go to plan.  Gain 2 stone and those jeans are tight once more.  And it wasn't me!!! 


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