Thursday, 19 July 2012

Veg-box tastic!

I decided to try it again.  Years ago I received a veg box from a local farm and had great fun checking out the seasonal veg, comparing with my mum and passing on the salad.  However there was the maggot incident.  I cannot put that into words.  Needless to say the veg box scheme was cancelled.  Until now.

Week 2 of the mini fruit-veg-meat box for 1-2 people and I don't think we've eaten this well in weeks.  There have been vegetables of unusual descent and I'm afraid the summer greens experiment didn't go well and I shall be passing on the bag of salad leaves but on the whole I'm very happy.  Seasonal eating is something we have lost the hang of despite the increase in enthusiasm for allotmenting and growing your own, it's all too easy to pop to the shops and get out of season strawberries as hard as rocks and completely tasteless in December - most of us don't even know the growing season for half the things we put into our mouths.

Don't get me started on meat.  I dread to think what goes into cheap meat, what conditions those animals are kept in and how much damage sub-standard intake does for our bodies.  The cave-man lived a much more vegetarian lifestyle then we might imagine with emphasis on seasonal fruits, veggies and nuts.  The introduction of milk is a relatively recent addition to our diet and one that the human body has yet to evolve to properly hence the high levels of lactose intolerant peeps.  The same can be said of wheat - we are just not made to digest it.

Luckily for Operation F.I.D eating seasonal fruit, vegetables and organic meat is not only better for the body but also good for the waistline and a weekly refill means that we are less likely to eat junk when we have great food readily available for cooking.  The other important tool is to never, ever, ever say 'I'm on a diet'.  That word instantly brings the inner child out who jumps up and down and screams and screams and screams until we take it away.  I tread softly these days.

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