Sunday, 15 July 2012

Operation F.I.D

Bridesmaid have a tricky role.  They support the bride and complement the look of the whole event.  This means that the dress has to be a carefully chosen item - one that matches all the colours, the styles, the 'feel' of the big day.  A bridesmaid needs to look snazzier than the guests but not as bloomin' as the bride and so the buy-the-bridesmaid-dress day is pretty important.

It's essential to have a plan of action, to know your palette and have a clear picture in your mind of what you want to achieve.  And then the bridesmaids themselves need to accept that they have no real say over the dress - a bride holds all the power, and rightly so when it is her special day.  Sometimes a bride can deliberately overshadow her maids by choosing something that makes them look particularly unattractive.  Some brides stick to their colour palette like a snail on a wall, refusing to budge when colours don't match skin tones or hair.  Some brides are determined to dress their maids in a style that they like regardless of whether the maid's body shape actually conforms.  This grasshopper was intensely lucky.  Her bride said - any colour, any style - whatever you want.  And so to the shopping.

Keeping an open mind is key, allowing the bride to choose what to try and what not occurred.  But you know that the right dress has been found when both maids appear and the bride wells up.  Tears are an integral part of weddings.  There is still the matter of shoes and accessories but for the most part, the big deal has been dealt and all is well with the world.  Except for Operation F.I.D (fit in dress).  There was a slight query as to whether to go for the bigger size or the smaller size especially when exercising and weight loss is still on the cards and nuptials are still several months away.  In the end the smaller size was chosen - leading to possible pressure and tense moments ahead - the zip only closes half way.  But what is life if without goals?

The bridesmaid dress - size 14!!

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