Friday, 22 October 2010

Tired with frozen blood

Ooooof what a week - jet lag really does pack a punch doesn't it?  And the thing is it catches you out when you least expect it - first thing in the morning is ridiculously difficult however that might just be the normal state of affairs.  So once the bed head gets shaken off and the day is off to a swinging start all seems ship shape and orderly but... that mid afternoon slump which is hard enough on a usual day seems to be magnified tenfold when the jet lag monster is running after you.  So you think ok, maybe I will catch an early night and get back into the swing of things but then.. just when you think now is the time to snooze... the body goes ping!  And that's it - you are wide awake and the brain is zinging and there is just no way that you can possibly even contemplate sleeping so lets just stay awake for now and just see what happens.  Tick tick tick tick tick tick and then it is 1am - omg!  How did that happen? 

And so onto the frozen blood.  Whether it is due to the extreme tiredness, the uneven eating patterns or the low low low temperatures I have been so so so so so so cold.  I shiver when I get up, get ready for work, walk to the tube but warm slightly whilst riding to work - I think that is possibly the best part.  Then intense freeze as I walk from tube to work and shiver allllllllllllll day at work brrrrrrrrr.  I tell you, it is extreme brass monkeys!!  But I think maybe it isn't really and it's just that fact that it was positively balmy in the Big Apple.  I think that two pairs of socks, three jumpers, gloves, hat and scarf should sort me out - oh and the two coats.... and you can walk outside wrapped up in your duvet right?

I'm sure a weekend of sleeping will sort me out... where is that electric blanket?

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