Monday, 19 December 2016

Standing On My Own Two Feet - Goodbye Writers Workshop

I almost feel like I graduated from sixth form again or something.  I'm quite possibly never going to see a bunch of people I saw once a month for the past two years.  Writers Workshop has concluded for 2016 and I will not be able to attend next year.

I'm always amazed at how well a group of strangers can work together and build meaningful relationships when they have something in common.  And when that something is a love of words and writing it really does feel like a secret club you're privileged to be a member of.

With regards to content, we had a bit of mop up - a brief foray into what you do when you've finished ordering your words into the most perfect arrangement.  As ever, that discussion was wide ranging with differing opinion but also charged with electric possibility and hope.  You have to have buckets of hope as an inspiring writer.

The resounding piece of advice was to 'let it go'.  Apologies for creating images of snow, ice and Disney princesses singing but.... you really do need to send out your book without still being deeply, personally, attached to it.  You have to consider it as a saleable, marketable product.  Detach yourself emotionally, if you can, because there will be negative reactions and reviews.  Once you launch your book into the universe, you will be out of control of the outcome.  Someone, somewhere will be trying to make money from your emotional heartache so when you've finished your book....WRITE SOMETHING ELSE!

The Writers & Artist Yearbook is your bible - but then you should already know that.  Get a headshot. Yes, really, get a professional image to use across all your platforms, for interviews and on the back of your book.  I know, I know, it's on my to do list.  Write a professional sounding, third person, biography - you will need one.  Set yourself up as self employed for when all those royalties come rolling in.  And finally, write.  Everyday.

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