Sunday, 16 October 2016

PT123 Transference From Nappy to Pant

This module is designed to take you through the fundamentals of potty training your child.  It will help you integrate the differing methods and ideas you've discovered through Google and speaking to other parents whilst being spoken to by the older generation and build your confidence for future training.  You'll cover spills, misses, hidden puddles, multiple outfit changes and the development of talking about wee-wee and poo-poos in public in great detail.  Formal qualifications are not necessary and you are not expected to have any previous knowledge as each subject ranges in ability.  The skills introduced in this module will be ideal for when your subject has children of their own and you can advise them on what they're doing wrong.

What you will study

In order to complete this module successfully you should expect to actively participate for at least 12 hours a day, seven days a week for the foreseeable future.  Please note: we advise all students that this course must be completed if started, there are no deferrals or points transfer available.  This course is for male subjects, you will have to retrain should you gain a female subject.

You will learn

  • to identify the different 'I need a wee-wee/poo-poo' dances
  • to carry round with you at all times four sets of clothing, nappy bags, toilet roll, baby wipes, a potty, a toddler toilet seat and congratulatory stickers
  • that one good day does not necessarily mean course completion has been achieved
  • neither does two
  • that little winkles don't always fit into potty's
  • that little winkles don't always point the right way
  • that your subject will wet themselves outside unexpectedly even if they've just been to the toilet
  • that when outside and asked 'Do you need a wee-wee?' the subject will invariably lie
  • to take your subject to the toilet when you arrive and leave all places of travel, including supermarkets, libraries, train stations and anywhere else that has a public convenience
  • to ignore the stares when your subject demands a wee-wee in an unlikely place and you whip the potty out for use
  • to just accept the fact that you are handling more wee-wee and poo-poo than ever before
  • to suddenly devour toilet roll - kitchen roll - flash wipes and other articles of clean up
  • to avoid long journeys
  • to heavily restrict previous abundantly available sources of refreshment
  • to immediately discard soiled underwear - Primark exists for a reason
  • to understand that dry days do not necessarily lead into dry nights
  • to learn how to clap enthusiastically for the 27th wee-wee that day
  • to brief all non-subject supplied friends that they too will have to comment enthusiastically and may even be shown subject efforts
You will need
  • An abundance of patience
  • Excellent washer/dryer capabilities
  • At least 14 sets of trousers and 28 sets of pants
  • Supreme patience
  • Quick reaction skills
  • A calm demeanor
  • Excellent motivational skills
  • The ability to execute repetitive actions with the exact high level of enthusiasm
  • Endless sheets of congratulatory stickers
  • A potty, toddler toilet seat & step
  • Baby wipes, toilet training wipes, flash wipes, toilet roll, kitchen roll and in severe cases absorbant sheets
  • Several books, games, songs and other motivational user tool, ideally tailored towards the subject's current preference e.g. Thomas the Tank Engine et al
  • No fondness for any furniture as accidents will happen
  • An extra supply of patience

Teaching and Assessment

This course is distance learning, to be completed at home with the chosen subject.  We recommend reduced travel for the first two weeks in order to establish excellent study habits.  There is no online tutor or support group for this course however you may find learners with similar subjects at your local Mother & Toddler Groups.  Don't forget to visit your parental resources as well as the multiple books and websites available for extra credit study.

We wish you the very best with your studies and look forward to welcoming you back with new subjects in the future.  

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