Monday, 3 October 2016

Projects Update - October 16

Apologies for the negligence but I have been busy.  Well.. I think I have.  I cannot quite believe that we are sitting at the beginning of October.  I have smelt that delicious crisp Autumnal smell first thing in the morning.  I have my invitation to a Halloween party and already pumpkins fill every second spare thought I have.  I even wore a jumper today.  The nights are drawing in and with them, hopefully, a bit more time for the blog and for flexing those writing muscles.

One of the things I have learnt this year is how easy it is for writers to distract themselves and how very long it can take for a book to be published.  The London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, as part of the Pen to Print 2015 competition prize have now paid for the winning books to be published through New Generation Publishing.  The deal is done so as soon as I finish editing The Gaia Effect I can send it over for publishing.  The reality of all of this is that in the new year, you will be able to buy my book.  I will have a published book.  I will be an author.  Naysayers can poo poo self publishing and bandy around words such as vanity publishing all they like.  This has been a fantastic journey and learning experience and I am so very grateful to have this opportunity.  Even if my book is only bought by family and friends I hope they get as much enjoyment out of reading it as I did from writing it.  

Now you know why I have been so quiet - I have been working through that final draft, combing through one more time, attempting to perfect my words as much as I can.  I'm about half-way - I have two dedicated and (hopefully) eager readers ready and waiting.  The idea being that I send the manuscript through to the publishers by the end of October.  That's my timeline.  Without one I will procrastinate and distract myself with a myriad of other exciting projects I have lined up.

As part of the playwriting course I attended, I wrote a deeply personal monologue, Burying my Baby, which was read out superbly by Lily-Anne Coleman and recorded for Pen to Print 2016 Real People Real Stories.  

I have also written two ten-minute plays this summer, Bodies in the Graveyard can be found on my website and Airport was performed, script in hand, for the first time at ReadFest at the end of September in front of an audience of my peers.  I had butterflies.  The play was meant to be amusing, my main fear was that no-one would laugh at all.  One person's humour is not necessarily anothers.  I brought the house down.  I don't think I truly realised how funny the play was or how alive the actors would bring my words on the page.  To have such a sincere reaction from the audience was one of the best feelings I've ever had.  All writers face that crippling desire to have their work heard and yet not wanting to know what people think.  Be brave, it is so worth it.  Actors, writers, members of my writers workshop and fellow budding playwrights made a point of telling me what they thought.  And it was all positive.  I hope to share a live recording with you soon.

There will be more playwriting in my future.  

I began a great habit of writing 1000 words a day.  Then I went away on a mini-break and all excellent habits were broken.  That is one I shall endeavour to re-establish, after all I have 24,000 words of a new story marinating.

I also conducted my first interview, today in fact, for another new project which is so hush hush I cannot possibly divulge any information.  Needless to say there will be at least four more interviews in the near future I hope and then my attempts to combine that with 14,000 words about a shared love of books.  What could possibly go wrong?

In summary - more blogging - more reading - more writing - more sharing.  

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