Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Food for Thought

It's International Women's Day.  As a women, with a blog, and the freedom of speech, I should be full to the brim of things to say.  But what I really want to talk about is food.

Some people think of food as merely a means to an end.  Fuel in order for them to get through the day.  They don't care what it is, how it was cooked or whether it is 'good' for them.  I envy those people.  I think about food all the time.  I love food - good and bad.  I even love the word, foooooooooooooooooooooood.  The way you pronounce it with pursed lips like you're about to kiss it to death.

Currently, food and I aren't getting on too well.  It's Scales' fault, it keeps getting in the way.  It's gotten so bad that I am starting to dread mealtimes because I just don't know what to make.  Lunch is the most difficult of meals.  It's all about trying to juggle what's good for me, what I actually want to eat, what's inside the cupboards, what I can afford to eat and what my toddler will like.  My husband falls under the 'some people' category so that's just plain annoying.

This year's pledge for International Women's Day is gender parity, which is an extremely important issue.   In some places of the world the concept of gender equality doesn't even exist.  It makes my grudge against the fact that I can't make decisions about food seem massively petty and inconsequential.  At least I have choices.

How much easier would it be if we were just given a pill to take three times a day which contained everything the body needs.  No decisions, no massive hypermarkets, no food waste, no obesity and absolutely no enjoyment in life whatsoever.  What am I thinking?  I love food!!!

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