Monday, 29 February 2016


So what did you do with your extra day?  I cleaned.  That's what I do on Mondays - no-one likes them anyway so I figure may as well do the stuff you don't enjoy on a Monday and get it all out of the way. It makes Tuesdays more awesome.

It does amuse me that today has been billed as an 'extra' day.  Like we all got given a holiday or our entire lives were put on hold so that we can do something different today.  Or did I miss that memo. It's highly likely.  If I could have done anything at all today I would probably have crawled under the duvet on my freshly laundered bed - that someone else made - with a hot water bottle, a mountain of nose friendly tissues and some kind of box set.

That's right, I've managed to be ill on the only extra day we get in four years.  And not just the wee sniffles but the proper I think I'm going to cry because I feel so wretched and my teeth/ears/face hurt so much that I think it would hurt less if it fell off kind of lurgy.  But I powered through.  I had my bi-weekly progress report with evil black mould in the bedroom.  It escalated quickly and every piece of furniture was moved and checked due to severe wall infestation.  Then I had my daily Peppa Pig training - not quite getting the right level of bass in the Daddy Pig snort yet helped somewhat by my inability to breathe properly today.  We had toddler team building with glue, paint and sequins and a nutritionally balanced meal with a vegetable was created from scratch so I think I scored some good team player points.

Did I manage to do anything new today?  No.  But my toddler found the loo roll I was using as handy tissues for my nose and decided to unroll about 10 feet of it and tear it into a hundred little pieces, so that was fun.  And I didn't ask anyone to marry me today either.  Even though my husband said it was ok to ask him.  I'm afraid my rhinovirus-fuelled brain couldn't quite muster the correct, possibly romantic response.  Instead I fear I sneezed violently several times and said something like 'Why?'

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