Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Dipping a Toe

I have made a monumental decision.  I am self publishing a book.  Not the big novel - that's still in the laps of the literary agent gods - but a little book of verse.  I used to wax lyrically quite often.  I have, somehow, managed to gather together a rather dusty collection of rhyming couplets.   Except most of them don't rhyme.  Which is OK.

Poetry is sometimes looked on as a dirty little secret.  It's possibly not considered the sexiest of the written form and I think school curriculums have a great deal to answer for that.  I would often read poetry pre GCSE and one of my treasured children's book was Golden Apples and Silver something or other.  I have googled it in vain but I remember it quite clearly.  Dissecting poetry in stifling classroom environments took away some of the magic.

Then, as I grew older, I became more self conscious and embarrassed at sharing my work.  So what changed?  The realisation that time waits for no man and marches on regardless.  What exactly is it I am waiting for?  I dipped that toe.  I put the whole left foot into the water.  I set up a CreateSpace account today and got me an ISBN.  I logged into Kindle Direct Publishing.  It's happening baby. Suit Up!

I may or may not have started to watch How I Met Your Mother.....


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  2. Is it this you are looking for?

  3. I don't think so - I don't remember it being Irish. It had a beautiful cover with gold raised letters and it was a fairly slim book.