Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Upsetting the apple cart

I always manage it.  If anyone can do it it's me.  If there is a foot in mouth scenario, look no further - I am your girl.

I just seem to have this uncanny ability to upset the apple cart, get under the skin, find the one thing that will annoy you beyond all capacity for reason and that's when I start to push my luck.  It's a genetic skill - apparently I can thank my father for that one.  I really don't know how I do it and I am always mortified when I realise that the cause of your upset is me but in my defence... you shouldn't be so bloody touchy!!

We all have issues, we all attribute differing levels of importance to different aspects of our lives and we all get annoyed but should we really be taking that annoyance out on the poor sap who just happened to ask the wrong question?  That's me by the way...

I am fed up of being the scapegoat for other people's bad moods.  Watch out!  I'm going to fight back, I'm going to get those apples and you are just going to... going to... have a lot of crumbles to make.. or something.  Ok, ok, ok I admit it - I'm a lover not a fighter and I hate confrontation but come on guys, give the nice person a break yeah?  I don't deserve your bad mood anymore than your digestion does (think about it, you'll work it out).

Happy fawts please  :)

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