Wednesday, 12 December 2018

A Slice of Cake With... Martin Wilsey

This week I am delighted to be having a slice of cake with fellow indie author Martin Wilsey.

Martin is a writer, hunter, photographer, rabble-rouser, father, friend, marksman, storyteller, frightener of children, carnivore, engineer, fool, philosopher, cook and madman. He and his wife Brenda live in Virginia where, just to keep him off the streets, he works as a research scientist.

What kind of books do you write?

The books I write are about ordinary people in extraordinary situations. The characters live and breathe and feel. My books are about seemingly impossible challenges and mysteries. They are about defying the odds. They are about kindness and cruelty and loss and triumph. And every now and then they will have cake, bacon, coffee, and even a brilliant cat.

Can you describe your writing why?

My first novel, Still Falling, was published on March 31st, 2015. A lot of planets aligned to motivate its publication. First, my brother Eric died suddenly at 54 years old. It left me wondering what I wanted to do before I died. Soon after that, I suffered a severe spine injury that left me trapped in a comfy chair. It took no time at all for Netflix and Facebook to become useless distractions. So, I began to write every day to help keep my sanity.

I was also lucky to have excellent advice from other authors I knew regarding tools, technology, and methods.

All these combined and less than three years later I was able to retire and write full time. I am a fortunate man.

Share with us your favourite passage from the book you enjoyed writing the most.

   “I can’t sleep, and I’m… afraid.” Potts said.
   Doc didn’t reply. He just looked at her, shook his head, and chuckled. 
   “What’s so funny?” She felt indignant. She had opened up to him, and he laughed at her.
   “You are on a ship of killers. Killers that sleep like babies. If you were not at least a little bit afraid, you’d be insane.” Doc stared at her as if he was examining her carefully. “Or is there something about you I don’t know yet?”
   “They’re not killers,” Potts said without stopping to think. Stammering. “Sawyer hardly sleeps at all.”
   “Sawyer is the exception on this crew. He remains haunted by the killing he’s done. He fears his dreams. Those he has killed find him there. He is on the bridge hiding from them, even now.”
   “I know Ian, Del, and Harper were all soldiers once,” Potts said. “Neal Locke, I don’t know. He seems so... I don’t know... virtuous.” 
   “Neal Locke still naively believes individual lives matter. Elizabeth is a patriot. She holds the virtues of the vicious. Cruze was purpose-built to be a killer. She should be feared most of all. Never forget that.” The Doc turned back to the view and said, “Make sure you are behind her when she runs up the black flag and starts slitting throats.”

Tell us about your latest project

My most recent project was the Solstice 31 Saga Omnibus. This is the Kindle and an Audible boxed set of Still Falling, The Broken Cage and Blood of the Scarecrow in a single volume for a single price. The great thing about it is that the Audible Edition includes all three for a single price or one Audible credit if you are a subscriber! It is 36.5 hours of Science Fiction Action adventure in one volume!

What is your favourite cake?

I had a cake once that was glorious. It was at a bed and breakfast in Virginia that was beautiful. The owner's flower garden was created to attract hummingbirds. I don’t know what the cake was called, but I can only describe it. It was like a cinnamon roll cake with a cream cheese drizzle frosting, It also had sprinkled crumbles. It was a cake though. Not a pastry.

Perfect with coffee…

For those of you baking along, here is a recipe for a cinnmon roll cake, not sure if it's the exact same cake but it looks yummy! 

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