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A Slice of Cake With... LL Thomsen

Originally from Denmark, now resident in the UK since forever and a day, fantasy author L. L. Thomsen, began her writing journey relatively late. This is to say that like most people who never had an instant calling, she tampered with other things like archaeology & prehistory, teaching and shop work for a while.  However, with the birth of her first child, so was her muse discovered and whether a demon or an angel, this ‘muse-who-must-be-obeyed’ has yet to let her down. 

Interested in the idea of mixing it up, L. L.’s work includes multiple genres under one title - grimdark, romance, mystery, sword and magic, adventure - her series: The Missing Shield, is far from your average read.  

L. L. is inspired by Wurts, Hobb, Erikson, and Martin. She endeavours to look beneath the surface of her characters, whilst providing the reader with an epic experience full of visual candour and elaborate world-building.  She always puts the best and worst into the melting pot, always making hers a guaranteed unique read. 

L. L. currently lives with her family + two cats and a dog, in the back-of-beyond near Sherwood Forrest.  She’s yet to discover the truth about the Universe, but feels she sometimes comes close; certainly, without Coffee, Chinese food and candles, the world would be a much darker place. If you like to chat books and writing, please feel free to drop her a line anytime. Her inbox is only a click away.

What kind of books do you write?

I like to mix the genres. My writing is character-led and deep. In my books you’ll find epic worldbuilding, gritty details, magic & darkness, romance & friendship – and of course a quest, to seal the deal. It’s a lot of poetic prose, visual honesty & without a doubt a unique read. 

Can you describe your writing why?

It just caught me hook, line & sinker. 

I cannot explain other than to say that I discovered the muse (or she discovered me?) after our first child was born, and I have never really looked back. Plus, I have all these ideas, characters, things, floating around in my head. I often feel compelled to ‘put them on paper’. Of course, I’m also motivated by many small things – perfect moments, horrible ones, emotions, the weather, landscape, seasons, friends, family, other writers, music, dreams…I just love to tell a story.

Share with us your favourite passage from the book you enjoyed writing the most

I always felt that a particular line from the first book in my series The Missing Shield was a super-strong sentence that was meant to be used as the opener.

To this day, I am not proud that I could not find a way to make it so.  For the sake of the narrative time-line, I was forced to squirrel it away in chapter 3, instead.

Anyway, from A Change of Rules – Episode 1 of The Missing Shield - it goes like this:

“What’s the matter? Can’t get the girl you want?” 

Solancei heard the teasing, double-edged words fly forth before she could check herself, but didn’t much care anyway. The perfectly-honed New Wood accent helped add slight to every syllable and with her eyes locked upon her sparring partner in casual readiness, her sardonic ‘concern’ held just the right measure of caustic disdain to make his nostrils flare, if only for a broken heartbeat. 

It was precious little to feel encouraged by, but hey... right now she’d take what she could and run with it; the banter was a welcome chance to relieve some of the stress that came with the fact that she’d been stupid enough to almost let a rookie mistake cost her this jackal fight in the very first round. It was not good enough! She was uncommonly distracted today; for this, her mentor would have her guts – and worse. 

The thought made her want to grimace. 

She didn’t

Tell us about your latest project

Well, my latest project is also my current project. 

I have always loved epic fantasy for the scope and the characters, and so I am currently writing the first book (The Missing Shield) on my intended on-going series called The Veil Keepers Quest.  

The deal with this is that for ease, and to introduce the readers to a number of bite-size books rather than a huge tome, I split the original manuscript for the first book into 11 episodes. The Missing Shield as a whole has hence been transformed into a series within the series if you like. It primarily centres on ‘how it all began’ and is basically a missing person’s adult high fantasy mystery.

It’s a dark story in places, full of mystery and with multiple POVs & main characters, but it evolves mostly around a noble lady (Solancei) who is a cousin to the realm’s heiress (Iambre). By some quirk of fate, Solancei has ended up as Iambre’s secret body Guard and handmaiden. This is the front story if you like, and the main details are about the emerging problems between these two friends, as well as a desperate race to find Solancei when she disappears after an illegal training duel. 

However, buzzing in the background of this main story is the bigger picture, which is a) about a crooked knight who wishes to usurp the current regime, and b) about the fact that the Veils that separate the mad gods from the realms of the 9 races, may soon fall. 

There’s a problem with magic, the all-powerful Guardians who protect the realms and the Veils have been left to pick up the pieces of betrayal that almost undid everything a thousand years ago. Everything is turned on its head and so begins a dance to ensure the survival of life itself. 

Expect the Unexpected. 

Episode 7 of The Missing Shield is called The Lure of an Ancient Fable. It’s out now. 

What is your favourite cake?

I love pecan pie.  Or sticky toffee pudding. But really… why choose? ;-) 

I agree completely! You can keep in touch with L.L Thomsen on Twitter and Facebook and all her books are on Amazon.

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