Monday, 17 February 2020

Coming Soon... The Gaia Collection

I have decided to release The Gaia Collection - all three of the Gaia books - in a single ebook format and, more excitedly, in hardback! 

I think this will be a fabulous addition to my bookshelf and hopefully, my readers will agree. A hardback version of one of my books feels a little unreal and will definitely be a highlight on my author journey. I'm planning to release The Gaia Collection in March and will, of course, keep you updated on the exact date.

Ian Bristow has once again designed the cover for me. Obviously, I really like it but I hope you do as well! I think it encapsulates the trilogy theme and the covers from each individual book.

The Gaia Collection is my hopeful dystopian trilogy set 200 years in the future after much of the planet and the human race have been decimated during The Event when the world went to war with high-energy radiation weapons. 

In The Gaia Effect, Kira and Jed Jenkins – a young couple who were recently allocated a child – together with their closest friends, discover Corporation have been deliberately lying to them and forcing them to remain sterile. With help from Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, the group of friends begin to fight back against Corporation eventually winning and taking over the governance of City 42.

In The Gaia Project, Corporation fight back under a new, more terrifying organization called New Corp and Kira, Jed and their friends end up fleeing for their lives trying to find a safe place to live. They travel to City 36 and City 9 in vain and must go further afield.

In the final book, The Gaia Solution, the main characters have ended up with the Resistance and not only do they have to deal with surviving against New Corp but an extinction environmental event is looming on the horizon and they’re running out of time to save what’s left of the human race.

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