Friday, 4 March 2016

Projects Update - March 16

Part of trying to be successful is to make goals and then, the tricky part, achieve them.  With that in mind, here is the first of a monthly series of blog updates.  This way you know I'm actually doing something . . . .  and I'll have to do something because if I don't - I won't have an update.  The pressure of accountability, but, hopefully in a good way.

The Gaia Effect - my post apocalyptic novel set 200 years in the future.  
  • I must must must put a one paragraph synopsis on my website - it occurred to me the other day that I'm telling everyone to read the first chapter which is great but I haven't actually told them what the book is about.
  • I have sent out query letters to about 45 agents, the deadline for them to reply to me is the end of March so there's still a little time to get excited.

A little book of verse - a short book of collected poems.
  • This is an exercise in learning about self publishing - plus I have lots of poems so why not?
  • I'm in the process of typing them up which I hope to finish this month.  Then there will be a contents page and then the final upload.  I'm using Amazon's CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing as a giant self publishing learning curve.

Hackers & Jackers - this is (or will be) a collaboration project with the hubster.  If he ever stops tinkering.
  • My beloved wrote a book - the concept was awesome but he didn't feel that the writing was very strong so he asked me to take a look.  And I will, if he ever gives me a final first draft.

Thursday's Child - a tale about finally finding love,  based on a true story
  • I'm using this project for the 2016 Pen to Print Writing Competition so a synopsis and first chapter have to submitted by the end of the month.
  • I've got bags of time.
  • Did I mention I work well under pressure?

Short Story Initiation
  • Local serial killer, based on a true story - to be submitted to Pen to Print - but not till September.
  • A unique take on the ridiculousness of political correctness but I can't tell you anymore because it will totally ruin the ta-da twist moment.
  • Two or maybe three sci fi tales which happened when I got hit by a passing particle of inspiration, found an envelope, scribbled down the brilliant concept, then put that scrap of paper in a safe place and now cannot find it but am still convinced of the excellence.  To be continued.

And finally - a discarded idea.  Having had many different jobs in my career life thus far and experiencing pretty much all the crappy stuff that can happen at work I was thinking of trying to write a humorous take on it all.  Then I got very very scared at being too honest - something I'm famous for - so for now that will go back to the gently marinating pile.  That dusty box that lives under the bed, you know the one, until I can think of a superbly clever way of writing it.  

Oh and I'm trying to blog more regularly.  You probably noticed that already.  Keep me honest!


  1. You go girl!! I have actually been thinking about writing down my writing goals for the year in a post soon. You have given me the inspiration to actually do it.

  2. Do it! Talking about your goals = sort of deadline so you'll be motivated to keep going and achieve it.