Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Organisation Tips

Really?  You think I've got tips to being organised?  Have you met me?  But if I were to have organisational tips, these would be they:

  • Don't leave jobs until the end of the day.   If you've put it off that long you definitely won't want to do it when you get to the evening.  It's dark and your sofa is all warm and comfy, there's a biscuit tin and a hot cup of tea.  That ironing is just sat there laughing at you.  It knows.
  • Make a list.  But don't make it a long list.  One, it takes forever to write a long list and two, you will think of a hundred more things to add to it before you get to the end.  My advice is to think of only three things you want to achieve today - that way you're focusing your attention on what is important in the moment.  When you get down to the last item you can add some more.  
  • From a writer's perspective you need to be organised enough to write - after all that's what you want to do right?  But don't get hung up on your perfects.  You don't need the perfect time of day - the planets don't need to be aligned.  You don't need the perfect place - anywhere your butt fits works.  You don't need a state of the art laptop or a top of the range ink pen - a pencil and the back of an envelope works.  Just make sure you have lots of envelopes for when inspiration strikes.
  • Fail to plan and you plan to fail.  That speaks true in the murky waters of weight loss.  It's not just the exercise.  Recent studies reckon that exercise plays an extremely minor role in sustained weight loss.  It's important for your health to do at least 30 minutes a day but it's not necessarily going to help you lose that extra 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 pounds and carve out an awesome six pack.  That happens in the kitchen.  And when I finally stop having a paddy about it, I'll start planning to eat healthier.
And that kids, is that.  Feeling like you're in control of your life is awesome but sticking to some boring, god awful regime of being organised for every minute of every day is going to turn you into a serial killer.  Yes I do have a loose game plan for the day but the key word there is loose.  If we miss story time after lunch I'm only going to think up the perfect crime, I'm not going to execute it.



  1. I love using lists!! They help me so much. But the real reason I like them is the satisfaction of checking things off the list!!

  2. Agreed! With a big fat tick or better still crossing items off with a thick line right through the middle. The worst part about lists are those annoying tasks that keep getting moved to the top of a new list, but I'm sure you don't have too many of those.