Wednesday, 18 November 2015

30-day Writing Challenge - Day 27

What you wore today



My feet found themselves enclosed within a rather fetching black ensemble with green fringing and a black and green stripe across the toes making me think of a witches stocking.  A great find in that store of huge queues and paper bags, Primark.

Long ago I gave up on the dream of matching underwear, it's unachievable.  These days if the pants match the bra it's usually because I washed whites with darks too often and my underwear is about a 1000 years old.  It's a rather fetching shade of grey - you can't buy that.  Today however you can just about tell the difference and it's lighter on top then it is below.  A sensible M&S and Asda amalgamation.

Jeans.  I hate jeans.  They're just so.... ugh.  If you're not of the drain pipe leg persuasion then a decent pair of jeans is hard to find.  If you browse the racks of high street shops apparently everyone has skinny leg.  I don't have skinny legs.  I'm hipular and rounded with powerful thighs and a definite pear shape.  And that's when I am at my lightest.  When I'm yoyoing up I'm more of a blobette with boobs but we won't go into that.  I own one pair of jeans.  They!  And currently ripped at the bottom on both legs because they were slightly too long when I bought them.  When I purchased them from Dotty Ps I went for a larger size then I am because I was expecting some happy growth however as that wasn't to be I ended up doing my own misery growth so I guess it worked out in the end.  But don't make me run.  If I run in them they fall down.  They don't fit round the waist so I spend all day hoiking them up and they spend all day falling back down to my hips making them too long in the crotchal area which is just annoying and uncomfortable.

My delightful floral top is blue and white and grey with three quarter sleeves and a v-neck with buttons.  It flares at the bottom slightly with two slits either side of the hips so my jelly belly is nicely covered.  The v accentuates the bust.  When a good rack is all you have then accentuate accentuate accentuate.  Top is from H&M which I have to say is excellent.  I have bought many many things from them ranging from floor length dresses to hareem trousers to maternity stuff and tops of all colours and styles.  I like that they stuff their shops with so much merchandise it takes you seven trips before you realise you have actually seen everything in there and seeing as I avoid clothes shopping like the plague there is always something new.

What did you wear today?

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